Author name: JaMonika Williams

FCU Account or Signature Card

Unlike the last five years’ worth of my birthday cards, account cards give members access to money. Also, unlike my birthday cards, it really matters what words are written on member account cards. Unlike my family… hopefully, his family was kind enough to reward him just for being born. From time to time, credit unions …

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Changing Lanes: Bylaw Amendments

You ever heard someone say, “change is good,” when your life is falling apart? With the exception of a young attorney changing lanes, crashing into a desperate man trying to win back his family, and leaving the scene of an accident without his important case file, change can be good. Sometimes, federal credit unions find …

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ChexSystems Reports

Deep down, you identify professionally as Yes Man. If you had it your way, every share account application would be approved so that EVERYONE is a member of your credit union. After about 561 newly opened share accounts (in a field of membership of about 200 eligible people), you receive a call from your boss. …

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