America’s Credit Unions provides a unified, powerful voice to every credit union – large and small, rural and urban – across the country. We will position our movement for the future, strengthen financial opportunities for our members and future members, collaborate with leagues and industry partners, and ensure credit unions remain consumers’ best financial partner so they can achieve their best lives.

Our promises are to enable your success:

  • We promise to put our member credit unions at the center of every equation.
  • We promise to listen and learn.
  • We promise to fight.
  • We promise to focus.
  • We promise to be responsive.
  • We promise to be responsible with your investment.
  • We promise to deliver.
  • We promise to be a proactive partner with all of you.
  • We promise to lead.

Merger FAQs

Chair: Brian Schools

President/CEO of Chartway Federal Credit Union

Vice Chair: Lisa Ginter

CEO of Community America Credit Union

Treasurer: Patrick Pierce

CEO of City and County Credit Union

Secretary: Karen Harbin

President/CEO of Commonwealth Credit Union

Board Members

Lonnie Nicholson

President/CEO of Educational Employees Credit Union

Nader Moghaddam

President/CEO of Financial Partners Credit Union

Jeff Olson

President/CEO of Dakota Credit Union Association

Gary Grinnell

President/CEO of Corning Federal Credit Union

Lori Herrick

President/CEO of Manchester Municipal Federal Credit Union

Scott Simpson

President/CEO of Utah Credit Union Association

Melanie Kennedy

President of Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union

Keith Sultemeier

President/CEO of Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Dayatra Matthews

Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel of Local Government Federal Credit Union

Jim Morrell

President/CEO of Peninsula Community Federal Credit Union

Amy Sink

CEO of Interra Credit Union

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