Board leaders spotlight America’s Credit Unions’ mission, vision at GAC 

To kick off Monday’s sessions at the 2024 Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC), America’s Credit Unions Transition Board of Directors Chair Brian Schools and Vice Chair Lisa Ginter discussed the transformation to America’s Credit Unions, the new organization’s mission and vision, and the role of the Transition Board of Directors. 

Ginter, CEO of CommunityAmerica Credit Union, noted that while there had been attempts in the past, it was clear that “it’s time to create this single source for resources to tell our story in a very powerful way.” 

Schools, president/CEO of Chartway Federal Credit Union, explained how the board will hold America’s Credit Unions President/CEO Jim Nussle and the organization’s executive leadership team accountable to the mission and vision, as well as advocacy being job number one at America’s Credit Unions. “Our vision and mission is about advocating and advancing credit unions to put them on a path to thrive,” said Schools.

“To hit the unified voice and mission and vision, we made a commitment out of the gate that we didn’t want a 2.0 of CUNA or a 2.0 of NAFCU. In order for that to really happen…we’re doing what we can to bring out the best of both,” he added. 

“Advocacy is an integral part of telling our story,” Ginter said. “…The great thing about being one unified voice for credit unions is that we get to amplify that and tell it in a big way. It’s important for us to keep advocacy at the front and center – it’s why America’s Credit Unions exists. We will never waiver from that. “ 

GAC continues through Thursday. Use #GAC2024 on social media to engage with America’s Credit Unions and industry advocates throughout the event. 

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