Nussle: America’s Credit Unions exists to empower credit unions

Jim Nussle at GAC 2024
Jim Nussle at GAC 2024

Credit union wins require coordinated advocacy from the entire movement and at every level, America’s Credit Unions President/CEO Jim Nussle told attendees at the 2024 Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) Monday. Nussle addressed the GAC for the first time as the leader of the new America’s Credit Unions, and promised the organization will fight for and listen to its members.

“As credit unions you’ve earned your place in the financial services marketplace, you’ve earned your tax status over multiple generations of putting people first. Credit Unions are here to serve, here to grow, and here to thrive, we are not giving an inch,” he said. “We want today’s credit unions to be empowered with every tool at your disposal to serve members, meaning it’s time to get rid of archaic barriers and ‘one-size-fits-all’ restrictions.”

Nussle said America’s Credit Unions—in collaboration with state leagues, credit unions, and partners—will achieve this through “relentless” advocacy that is forward-thinking, proactive, and responsive.

While credit unions continue to stand strong for members in tough economic, there are existential threats that cannot be ignored.

This includes increasing overreach by regulators including the CFPB and NCUA, interchange income challenges, and more.

“To strengthen our united voices, America’s Credit Unions is diving deeper into data more than ever before to find new and emerging trends and address attacks. Our research has allowed us to quantify what the credit union difference means in dollars and cents for auto loans, mortgages, and more.”

He also said America’s Credit Unions is the “the premier, go-to compliance and education solutions provider serving the credit union industry,” and the organization will continue to serve members in the way they need to “serve your members, grow your credit union, and thrive in your community.”

Nussle outlined the organization’s five strategic priorities – relentless advocacy, a powerful unified voice, premier association services, effective resource stewardship, and responsive member engagement – and detailed how the organization will use these to guide its efforts.

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