America’s Credit Unions’ leaders highlighted on CUbroadcast 

Leaders from America’s Credit Unions were interviewed by CUbroadcast’s Mike Lawson during the Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) earlier this month to discuss the organization’s advocacy, mission, and more. 

America’s Credit Unions President/CEO Jim Nussle discussed the organization’s mission and vision while highlighting the importance of a unified voice in Washington. Nussle also discussed recent developments with the CFPB. 

Transition Board Chair Brian Schools discussed the transformation process for America’s Credit Unions and how the organization will work for its members. 

Chief Advocacy Officer Carrie Hunt outlined the organization’s advocacy goals and priorities. She also discussed ways to effectively advocate for credit unions with lawmakers and regulators. 

Chief Membership and Engagement Officer Anthony Demangone talked about the ways America’s Credit Unions will elevate the member experience. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of providing great value for members. 

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