Credit union supporters win in Ga., Idaho, Ky., Ore., primaries

Eighteen of the 19 credit union-supported candidates won in primary elections Tuesday in Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, and Oregon. Candidates—nine in Georgia, one in Idaho, five in Kentucky, and four in Oregon—were supported by America’s Credit Unions, its PAC, and state Leagues.

Notable wins for credit union supporters include Rep. David Scott, D-Ga., who introduced bipartisan examination fairness legislation in April and took 57.6% of the vote in a seven-person field in a newly redrawn district.

The 19th race—for the open seat in Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District—sees credit union-backed State Sen. Mike Dugan, R, who will go to a June 18th runoff for the Republican nomination.

In California, credit union-supported Vince Fong, R, won his special election in the district of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., with 60% of the vote. Fong will serve in the seat through the end of this Congress and will run for a full term in the 119th Congress in November.

America’s Credit Unions’ Credit Union Elections Hub will track election results from the primaries through the general election, updated after each primary. As of May 22, 161 out of 163 credit union-supported candidates have won their primaries across 14 states.

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