NCUA releases cybersecurity, credit union system resilience report

NCUA released its annual Cybersecurity and Credit Union System Resilience Report Monday, summarizing the current cybersecurity threat landscape, highlights the agency’s key cybersecurity initiatives, and outlines the agency’s ongoing efforts to enhance cybersecurity preparedness and resilience within the credit union industry.

The Cybersecurity and Credit Union Resilience Report is required by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 and provides information on:

  • NCUA policies and procedures to address cybersecurity risks and activities;
  • Cybersecurity resilience within the credit union system;
  • Current and emerging threats; and
  • NCUA’s collaboration with other federal agencies, industry stakeholders, and cybersecurity experts.

NCUA “remains committed to fortifying cybersecurity resilience through targeted examinations, comprehensive risk assessments, and educational outreach initiatives,” it noted in its release on the report.

Read the report here.

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