Nussle: Transformation into ‘powerhouse’ national association underway

America’s Credit Unions is legally active as of Jan. 1, and the organization is at the beginning of a “historic transformation into a new powerhouse national association,” America’s Credit Unions President/CEO Jim Nussle said in a video message sent to members Tuesday.

With the new organization active, leaders and staff are focusing on advocating and positively impacting credit unions’ environment.

“A change of this magnitude will, of course, take some time. But let me commit that as we begin this transformative work, we’re focused on delivering impact for credit unions and you,” Nussle said. “Impact begins with focusing on influence — ensuring a relentless advocacy offense strategy to secure industry wins creating an environment where credit unions can thrive. America’s Credit Unions goal is creating one united voice — promoting the credit union difference and amplifying our alignment.”

Nussle added that member credit unions are at the center of this strategy, and America’s Credit Unions will be responsive to all questions and concerns.

“Throughout this process, I ask that you continue to hold us accountable. We will work diligently to establish a trusting relationship with our board, our members and our partners. We’ll be transparent about the work we’re doing to transform into America’s Credit Unions and the milestones we hit along the way,” he said. “That’s going to require using our ‘cooperative superpowers,’ a natural foundation of the credit union movement.”

Additional information on the transformation to America’s Credit Unions can be found online.

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