Transition Board Chair Schools breaks down America’s Credit Unions’ mission and vision


America’s Credit Unions Transition Board of Directors Chair Brian Schools detailed the mission and vision for the brand-new organization in an op-ed for CU Insight

“The mission of America’s Credit Unions is to advocate for and advance an environment where credit unions thrive,” wrote Schools. “This mission is complemented by our overarching vision: people everywhere trust and partner with credit unions to help them afford and achieve their best lives.” 

Schools noted that the mission shows how advocacy is the top priority for America’s Credit Unions, while the vision outlines the organization’s aspirations. 

“Together, our collective success will lead us to a world where consumers look to credit unions as their preferred financial partner – a partner that cares about them, their personal goals, and their future, not their profit potential,” he wrote. 

He also highlighted that the organization’s President/CEO Jim Nussle outlined America’s Credit Unions’ priorities for this year and expressed his commitment to hold “this team accountable, ensuring that every step of the way they stay true to fulfilling our mission – this year and beyond.” 

America’s Credit Unions will continue to engage lawmakers and regulators on credit union priorities. 

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