Worthy to detail keys to becoming a change enthusiast at GAC

Cassandra Worthy has spent years improving her outlook on change, and she’s sharing her strategies during her “Master the Chemistry of Change: Uncover Your Inner Change Enthusiasm®” keynote at America’s Credit Unions’ Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) in Washington, D.C., March 3.

“I want them to feel inspired and empowered,” says the founder and CEO of Change Enthusiasm Global. “I’m excited to leave everyone in that seat of power because you do have choice in the way that you show up, the way that you navigate, and the lens through which you look at change. How can I make everything happening around me work for me as opposed to against me?”

Worthy defines change enthusiasts as people who harness the power of their emotions to fuel their growth through change. They “believe that emotion is a gift, a tool, and an infinite resource to be leveraged when moving through change to grow, learn, and evolve.”

Worthy has been practicing Change Enthusiasm for nearly two decades. The former chemical engineer spent 15 years working in a corporate setting that underwent significant change.

“The type of change that walks through the door and pops you across the face, and you’re on the ground asking why,” she says. “I felt the pain and I knew there had to be a better way, so I cultivated this mindset to help myself grow, experience, see the opportunity change presents, and acknowledge my own emotional energy.”

While Worthy still feels anxious and faces difficulties dealing with change, she says her emotional agility has sped up over the years.

“It’s still difficult when I feel frustration, but I now see it as gift. I use that energy to move me forward,” Worthy says. “It gets a little easier the more you practice, but it’s never easy. It’s about the right mindset and skill set to help you thrive and see self-actualized growth through change.”

And there is plenty of change across the credit union movement. Therefore, Worthy suggests credit union leaders be proactive and anticipate change, whether the change comes in the form of new technologies, changing member bases, or potential mergers.

“Change is going to happen regardless. Do you want to be in the driver’s seat? Or do you want to be in the passenger seat playing catchup?” she says. “Anticipate these waves of change so that you can remain relevant and on the cutting edge. Otherwise, you’re going to feel like change is happening to you almost every day, as opposed to you being in the driver’s seat. Regardless of where you sit in life, you’re always in a seat of power. You have choice. You control the way that you experience change.”

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